Pilot projects in the prefabricated structure sector

TNR Prefabricated

We offer fast and high quality solutions as well as high capacity needs.

With our experienced staff, advanced technology machinery, equipment and production facility of 18.000m², we are able to carry out projects of all sizes in prefabricated sector easily.

TNR Prefabrik is a united group specialized in the planning, design and execution of deployable field solutions and mobile field related turnkey projects throughout the globe with a special focus on mobile medical units, extendable modular mobile hospital, mobile clinics, mobile medical solutions, field hospitals, field kitchens, field laundry, field mortuary and prefabricated construction.

TNR Prefabricated

TNR Prefabrik, the most appropriate solutions to your needs; offers a fast, practical and quality way. In addition, our company is always next to you, depending on the contract and warranty conditions.

For all your prefabricated building needs, TNR Prefabrik is ready to produce effective solutions for you with its experience and capacity!